Curriculum Vitae

Born in Terrasini Palermo on 31 July 1947.

Both Parents are Palazzolo’s but not related. I am the first born from five children. Three sisters and one brother.

I attended elementary school and middle school in Palermo until 1961.

From 1962 until 1965, I attended school in the German part of Switzerland.

1965 I passed external State examination in Palermo, where I qualified in Languages and literature. (German- English- French)

1966 I passed hotel school examination and practised in Switzerland, Germany and France.

1967 I was employed by Deutsche Bank in Hamburg and during the next 2 years, I was trained internally and externally in foreign banks as a trader in currencies, gold and silver.

1969 I attended a special training as an Investment banker, portfolio manager and Wall Street currency, gold and silver broker.

I continued intensive training by various banks mainly in foreign exchange.

During the next 3 years I served on several companies in the board of directors and was the chairman of Campobello Park Corporation and Deutsche Samps und Co KG. Germany. In these two last companies, I was given a considerable shareholding that I sold in 1974.

Finally in 1975 I made myself independent and opened my first Financial Service company called Pageko SA, with a seat in Zurich. The company specialised in Portfolio management, financing of diamonds dealers, promotions, acquisitions and other specialised financial services. We had offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Geneva and Monte Carlo.

In 1981, I was offered the position of Chairman of a huge financial company owned by the third major Swiss Bank. The legal seat was at Lugano in Switzerland. I became a 49% shareholder and contributed most of my clients to this venture. The other clients I inherited from the bank, who seconded one of their directors as the CEO of the company.

I retained this position until April 20 1984.