Short preamble


Mr. VITO ROBERTO PALAZZOLO, born in Terrasini on 31.07.1947, has been conclusively sentenced in terms of judgment handed down by the Italian Supreme Court of Appeal on 13.03.2009 to nine years imprisonment because he was considered to be affiliated to the Mafia (article 416 bis Italian Criminal Code).

The litany of proceedings against Palazzolo have been marked by a sequel of proceedings, both in Italy and abroad, which have had as their subject the same conduct, that had been ASCRIBED TO HIM DURING THE EIGHTIES.

In regard to these violations – to legal standards that are undisputedly recognised by all Democratic States, and specifically in respect of DUE PROCESS dictated by the European Convention on Human Rights – we need to check whether or not he could have or should have been subjected to the above proceedings by the Italian authorities.

A careful reading of the records of the proceedings clearly and unquestionably shows that Palazzolo could not and should not under any circumstances, have been subjected to such a litany of criminal actions on the part of the Attorney General at the Court of Palermo.

Indeed, due to the very repetitiveness of the criminal proceedings brought against the accused, several aspects point towards the PERSECUTORY NATURE of the action brought about by the Italian Judicial Authorities.