Franco Della Torre

From the Lugano sentence of 1985:

Franco Della Torre grew up in Chiasso, where he attended school, and then moved to Zugo and Lucerne to initially study the language, and then worked as a banker, gaining experience in several sectors. He then returned to BSI securities office in Chiasso, and was a manager in a plastics factory. After 4 years, he again returned to the banking sector, to the currencies office of Credito Svizzero in Chiasso, and the cashier’s window at the Coldrerio branch, during the exact period that Italian funds were being channelled to Switzerland. In 1977, he joined Finagest as the person especially responsible for opening up branches throughout Europe, He travelled extensively and met Palazzolo in 1981, but previously during the summer of 1980 he was introduced to an Italian client at Finagest, who had needed to transfer American dollars from the USA. This referred to Amendolito, who had accompanied Oliviero Tognoli and was already a client of Cavalleri’s Coopfinanz (with the currency courier Adriano Corti), and Credito Svizzero in Bellinzona. There are proceedings pending with the Prosecutor at the Court in Bellinzona against the directors of Coopfinanza, which Tognoli then abandoned to approach Rossini’s Traex. Both Della Torre and Palazzolo were also clients of Traex, before they established their company Consultfin with offices at 12 Via Balestra, adjoining those of Traex.

Della Torre who appears to have a clean record, assumed the attitude of a currency courier during the preliminary investigations, with the mentality of the experienced smuggler who displays indifference with regard to the risks taken during the many trips undertaken. According to him, he needed to act rather than formulate the dealings that would be used to transport the money and this even though it involved dollars, where he had not had any personal experience.

It appears likely from his attitude that his association with Palazzolo, which can be traced to Consultfin as the financing company that derived from Pageko, must have been motivated mainly from his availability to carry out courier activities.

It should be noted that Della Torre had a clear criminal record at the time of the hearing.