Enrico Rossini

From the Lugano Court Case 1985

Enrico Rossini was just thirty years old at the time of the events, and was married with a child and living in Viganello. After completing his schooling and business training, he was employed in a bank. In 1971, he suffered the after effects of a serious car accident. He studied German and English, and after his military service, he again worked in banks in Lugano and in Germany until 1976, when he established Traex S.A, as a company dealing in foreign currencies. He also established Confimex in Lausanne and other companies for business broking activities and property investments. In the meantime, Traex took on quasi banking status, and used the latest equipment especially with regard to forward transactions, also holding an account with Credito Svizzero in Chiasso, which was opened in 1978.

Rossini initially took on Della Torre as a client, when he was still with Finagest, but about to establish Consultfin. An account was thus opened at Traex, but not in the name of Consultfin, but as Pageko A.G. based in Zugo, where Della Torre and Palazzolo were the owners. According to Rossini, the purpose of the account was to carry out stock market transactions that would not be taken on by the bank due to their closing at the time the markets opened elsewhere, because of the time differences. We need to take into account that Della Torre was already working with Finagest ex-clients at the time that he got to know Rossini’s Traex.

As in the case of Della Torre, Rossini had also been detained prior to the pre-trial, for 4 and a half months, or up until the 21 March 1985. During his provisional release and up until the end of the preliminary hearings, he maintained a correct and dignified attitude, making available to the Court Traex’s accounting records for the period 1982 -83 through the witness Rüfli, which proved useful in establishing the procedures, the volume and especially the chronology of the transactions that occurred through Traex’s accounts. Rossini also appeared before the Court without a record, except for two serious traffic offences, dating back to November 1971 and January 1973 with two charges in Lugano for 5 and 10 days arrest respectively, but which had already been cancelled from the Criminal Records Office.