Palazzolo to von Palace Kolbatschenko: Why I changed my name

When I arrived in South Africa I was being hounded by the Press and in many other quarters. As any one knows who reads newspapers and magazines, the Press can be highly oppressive and their reports rarely have any foundation in the truth. This has been my experience.

So I changed my name.

I am very proud of my name Palazzolo, dating back to Norman roots in Italy in the 11th century, so I wanted nevertheless to maintain a part of it. In the past we were called Palizzolo, Palizzi and Palace. So I opted for von Palace, and Kolbatschenko, being my great Grandmother’s name.

I did this in Ciskei, which did not have foreign countries or cities as possible birth places in their computer, so when von Palace- Kolbatschenko was punched in, born in Terrasini, it generated Burgersdorp instead. This was immediately reported and corrected.