Recent Court reviews of Palazzolo’s case

Notification that Appeal Court Caltanissetta accepts review application

See above, Palazzolo’s court review application acceptance. Which is very rare, nearly without precedent.

High Court SA 14 June 2010

In this High Court ruling (see above) from South Africa Palazzolo was acquitted by the judge on many grounds, but primarily because his Italian conviction (of “Mafia style membership”, which is highly questionable, in any event) is not an extraditable offence. Added to which the South African authorities (the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development) have, in their attempts to have Palazzolo extradited (even when there was no extradition request) been using false information.

This was the 6th extradition attempt made by the Italians and all of them have been struck down for the same reasons – that the grounds on which he has been charged in Italy are flimsy.