Palermo AG Pietro Grasso to Deputy AG Gozzo

Pietro Grasso has since been elevated to the post of chief of the anti Mafia Commission.


At the Court of Palermo

District Anti-Mafia Division

To the Deputy Attorney General

Domenico Gozzo


Re: Vito Roberto PALAZZOLO.

With regard to the request made under Note dated 16 March 2005, which is attached herewith, we hereby advise that the search conducted in the informative memo drawn up by the state witness Antonino GIUFFRE’ in relation to the accused Vito Roberto PALAZZOLO, has produced negative results.

Palermo, 23 March 2005.

Attorney General

Pietro Grasso – signed

[Handwritten note: Filed with Palazzolo’s Defence. A copy is to be sent to the Court. Palermo, 24/3/05. Signed: Domenico Gozzo – Deputy Attorney General].