Swiss sentence 3 years in prison

The Criminal Court of the Canton of Ticino handed down a sentence of three years imprisonment against Palazzolo, for the aggravated violation of the Federal Law on narcotics. There was no money laundering law then in Switzerland, whose banking was founded on absolute discretion and secrecy. So, under extreme pressure from the US authorities, they [...]

Waridel’s deposition to the Swiss Court

They examined Waridel1 who testified about meetings and financial transactions and his dealings with Musullulu, the morphine base supplier in Turkey. The Americans gave Waridel immunity in return for which he became a State witness.

Swiss deny US extradition

On this day the Swiss denied the US extradition of Palazzolo, for the same reasons they denied the Italian one. Moreover, he would stand trial in the country where the alleged crime occurred.

First Sicilian warrant of arrest

On the back of Waridel’s statements released to the AG Dr. Bernasconi in Lugano,  in March of 1985, Dr Falcone expressed his wish to interview Palazzol, which the Swiss authorities turned down. At that point Falcone returned to Palermo from where he issued a warrant of arrest for Palazzolo, no. 179/85 under article 416 Italian [...]

American warrant of arrest

The American Judicial Authorities also requested Palazzolo’s extradition, which is when the Mafia association charge became clear. They were in fact referring to another Palazzolo, who was well-known to both the American and Italian Authorities, namely, Vito Girolamo Palazzolo. Palazzolo had to produce certificates for the authorities to prove that he was in no way [...]

Swiss refuse Italian extradition

The Italians were denied their extradition demand because Palazzolo was already being tried in Switzerland, for the same facts.

Waridel testifies

The AG in Switzerland reached the conclusion that no crime had been committed. So the investigation was closed with a Nulle Prosequi. Which is when they produced Paul Eduard Waridel, a half Turkish, half Swiss citizen, later identified as the Mastermind behind the Pizza Connection. A couple of years previously they had bailed him out [...]

Court case Lugano, Switzerland

The investigation revealed that no crime had been committed in Switzerland, according to Swiss law. The AG Paolo Bernasconi was filing a Nolle Prosequi but was stopped by the US judicial Authorities who indicated that they had gathered new evidence from Paul Edward Waridel.

Swiss Arrest

Palazzolo was arrested in Lugano in Switzerland on the basis of the Roman warrant, pending extradition to Italy. The extradition was turned down because the facts of the allegation had occurred in Switzerland and involved other people, most of them Swiss nationals. So they were compelled to open the case in Switzerland, nearly 7 months after [...]

Roman warrant of arrest

The Court of Rome issued the first warrant of arrest against Palazzolo, signed by Judge Galasso, requesting his extradition for the following crimes: 416 bis Criminal Code (Mafia association), 416 Criminal Code (association to commit a crime) and article 75 of Law 685/1975 (association with the purpose of financing the trafficking of narcotics). Included in [...]

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