Full acquittal: Acquisition of South African citizenship

Judge C J Vermeulen acquitted Palazzolo in full, even expressing his surprise that a case so lacking in evidence had been brought before the Court. He said: “To institute a prosecution under these circumstances, several years after the event, boggles the mind. It astounds even more to discover that the decision to prosecute, was taken at [...]

Precautionary custody measures issued in Palermo

Judgement was handed down to Palazzolo for precautionary custody measures for being associated, apparently, to the mafia units led by Riina & Provenzano, which was exactly the same association for which he had been acquitted in 1992 in Rome. The charge promarily refferred to the allegation that he had assisted Giovanni Bonomo and Giuseppe Gelardi [...]

Sentence, in absentia, to 12 years imprisonment

In its First Order judgment the Court in Palermo sentenced Palazzolo to 12 years imprisonment for crimes under articles 71 and 74, which came under their jurisdiction. However, the Court acknowledged that the facts were identical to the Swiss ones already judged. On 22/7/03  the Appeal Court in Palermo acquitted Mr. Palazzolo, declaring that they could [...]

Swiss Italian agreement re: double Jeopardy

First agreement between Italy and Switzerland on matters of judicial assistance in criminal matters. This was ratified on 5 October 2001 and came into effect on the 1 June 2003

Clandestine relations between SCO and South African officials

It is important to note the irregular and clandestine nature of the relations between the S.C.O. and two South African Police Officials, Smith and Lincoln. In a letter from the head of the Interpol office in Pretoria, Dr Bruce, and the Head of the Legal Department of Interpol in Pretoria, Advocate G. Joubert, ask the S.C.O. [...]

Sicilian warrant of arrest no.2

A second warrant of arrest was issued, generated by the Smith report (so-called “Operation Intrigue”), which had ben forwarded by elements in the SAP (South African Police) to the SCO (Central Coordinating Unit of the Italian State Police) on 10/02/97. The content of this unauthorised South African police collaboration came to light during an interview that [...]

Acquittal for Mafia association, 2 years suspended sentence for Narcotics association

8 years after issuing it’s warrant of arrest against Palazzolo the Court in Rome, in absentia, sentenced him to two years imprisonment and a fine for his role in the Swiss case (article 75 of Law 685/1975 for financing of drug trafficking). This was possible, legally, because there was no convention in existence between Switzerland [...]

Ruling regarding the conflict of jurisdiction – double jeopardy – within Italy

The conflict of jurisdiction between Rome and Palermo in their dealings with Palazzolo was apparently resolved by the Supreme Court of Appeal. Rome was given crimes under article 75 of Law 685/75 (Association as an intermediary for financing narcotics) and 416 bis of the Criminal Code (Mafia association). Under false premises Palermo retained articles 71 and [...]

Swiss money laundering law

Authored by Paolo Bernasconi, the presiding judge in the case against Palazzolo et al, the anti money laundering law in Switzerland became effective on this day.

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