Court of Appeal in Palermo confirms conviction

Subsequent to the above conviction, the Court of Appeal in Palermo, presided over by Judge Salvatore Scaduti, at the second hearing, sentenced Palazzolo to nine years1 by reformulating the first sentence “in peius” from external complicity to full association. And this despite the Prosecution not having presented any appeal with regard to the first instance [...]

Palazzolo sentenced to 9 years jail in Palermo

In the first order hearing, the Court of Palermo, presided over by Judge Puleo handed down sentence no. 2253/06 on by changing the name of the crime from Mafia association to external complicity, and convicted him to a nine year sentence. Palermo conviction 5th July 2006

Rogatory proceedings in Cape Town by AG of Palermo

The Attorney General Palermo conducted rogatory proceedings in Cape Town where they interviewed a series of totally unreliable witnesses, with the exception of the most important and significant person to the proceedings, namely, Palazzolo himself. Notwithstanding that the Review Court in Palermo had cancelled the warrant for his arrest and so they couldn’t hide behind [...]

Court of Appeal in Rome grants appeal against judgement of Mafia membership

Supreme Court of Appeal in Rome granted Palazzolo’s appeal against Palermo’s judgement of 18/03/02 of Mafia membership, once again using the allegations and facts for which he was indisputably acquitted on the 28th March 1992. In the motivation the Supreme Court of Appeal underlined that it was impossible for the Presiding Judge to take into [...]

South Africa officials stiring the pot in Palermo

There was a meeting between Court Officials in Palermo and a delegation from the South African Department of Justice, consisting of four officials: Advocate Pikoli, E. Daniels, N.J. Makhuebele and F. Fortune. This meeting took place while proceedings were underway in the trial, which was critically detrimental to Palazzolo’s case. In the court proceedings the delegation [...]

Palermo warrant of arrest set aside

The Palermo Court of Appeal, further to the judgement of 22/07/03, set aside the warrant of arrest issued against him on the 11th June 1985.

Palermo court of Appeal set aside conviction and sentence

Referring to the conviction of 12/10/00 of 12 years imprisonment, the Palermo Court of Appeal set this aside because it related to the same facts for which Palazzolo had already been tried and convicted in Switzerland. In other words they ratified the Cooperation Treaty between Italy and Switzerland under Law no.367 dated 05.10.2001.

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