Court of Appeal in Rome grants appeal against judgement of Mafia membership

Supreme Court of Appeal in Rome granted Palazzolo’s appeal against Palermo’s judgement of 18/03/02 of Mafia membership, once again using the allegations and facts for which he was indisputably acquitted on the 28th March 1992. In the motivation the Supreme Court of Appeal underlined that it was impossible for the Presiding Judge to take into consideration facts prior to 1992, the date on which the Court in Rome had acquitted Palazzolo for the crime of association to commit a Mafia type crime; that it was impossible to consider as permanent a crime of association that never existed, and finally, that it was impossible to consider the series of probatory elements on facts subsequent to 1992 as being significant. The court referred, once again, to the irrelevance of the proofs posited by Palermo.

See 5th July 2006 – Despite the above judgment, in the Court of Palermo presided over by Judge Puleo, they handed down sentence no. 2253/06, using the same discredited facts, by changing the name of the crime from Mafia association to external complicity, and convicted him to a nine year sentence.