The Principle of Due Process

VIOLATION OF THE PRINCIPLE OF DUE PROCESS ART. 6 EUROPEAN CONVENTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS The judgment of the Appeal Court in Palermo that convicted Palazzolo, and which forms the subject of the extradition application to the Republic of South Africa, was in clear violation of the principle of “due process” stipulated under article 6 of [...]

The South Africans in Palermo

SMITH, LINCOLN AND THE AUTHORITIES IN PALERMO Despite the conclusion of the criminal proceedings brought against Palazzolo – which closed as indicated with the plea bargain arrangement between the Attorney General and Palazzolo – the South African Authorities continued to offer the judicial assistance requested by the Italian Authorities. Added to which in the criminal [...]

South African Conspiracy

SOUTH AFRICAN JUDICIAL CONSPIRACY Subsequent to the exposure of the conspiracy hatched between Palermo and disreputable elements in the SAP in South Africa, an investigation was ordered by the ex-President Nelson Mandela to establish the truth of the charges put forward by the Italian Judiciary. This was entrusted to the Attorney General of the Republic of South [...]

Italian Persecution of Palazzolo in South Africa

The persecution of Palazzolo by the Italian Authorities reached its climax in 1997, when a further warrant of arrest was issued. This was almost certainly generated by the SMITH REPORT (so-called Operation Intrigue), which was forwarded to the Italian Judicial Authorities and to the S.C.O. (Central Coordinating Unit of the Italian State Police) on 10.02.1997. There had [...]

The Italians, Palazzolo and Double Jeopardy

THE JUDICIAL ACTIVITIES OF THE ITALIANS AND DOUBLE JEOPARDY Following the Swiss court action, the Attorney General at the Court of Palermo also got involved and on 11.06.1985, the Investigating Judge in Palermo, Dr. Falcone, issued a warrant of arrest against Palazzolo, for precisely the same facts that had formed the subject of the Swiss [...]

Short preamble

PREAMBLE Mr. VITO ROBERTO PALAZZOLO, born in Terrasini on 31.07.1947, has been conclusively sentenced in terms of judgment handed down by the Italian Supreme Court of Appeal on 13.03.2009 to nine years imprisonment because he was considered to be affiliated to the Mafia (article 416 bis Italian Criminal Code). The litany of proceedings against Palazzolo [...]

Vito Roberto Palazzolo: Preliminary Facts

Palazzolo left Italy in 1962 to be educated in Switzerland. He then went to Germany and then back to Switzerland where he stayed until 1988, when he moved permanently to the Republic of South Africa. In 1982, due to his position as Chairman of a Swiss financing company, Palazzolo was involved in a criminal investigation [...]

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