Public Prosecutor of Palermo avoids Palazzolo

Palazzolo had always stated that he wanted to be heard and made himself available to the Public Prosecutor in Palermo, Domenico Gozzo. But he always refused to question him, giving as his reason that he was a fugitive from justice.

But he was never a fugitive. Once he had served his sentence, which he did, he was free to go wherever he wanted. Which is when he left Europe. When Gozzo conducted the rogatory proceedings in Cape Town during March 2004 he interviewed a series of totally unreliable and occasionally criminal witnesses. The single most important and significant witness (to the proceedings), Vito Roberto Palazzolo himself, he ignored. Because their allegations were full of holes, and he would have proved it. By then, in fact, the Review Court in Palermo had cancelled the warrant for his arrest. They were purposefully avoiding him.

Domenico Gozzo